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‘Zero to Infinity’ is a social enterprise working to popularize STEM education in Bangladesh. In 1992, 42% students used to go for Science after their high school, now the number is only 22%. As the world is shifting from labor based economy to IT and knowledge based economy, this is so much frustrating for a country with 160 million people.

So back then in 2012 we started popularizing science by publishing a monthly science magazine named ‘Zero to Infinity’. We now regularly publish 3 monthly magazines. One on Science & Technology (Zero to Infinity), one on Mathematics & Coding (Pi Zero to Infinity) and another one on Health & Nutrition (Health Zero to Infinity). With 0.1 million reader it is now one of the biggest publishers on Sconce and Technology. Most of our readers are 6th grade to 12th grade students.

Beside these 3 monthly magazines we also publish book series on different topics of science. Along with publication we arrange a fortnightly public lecture series ‘Zero to Infinity Talks’, cipher code breaking challenge for high school students ‘Zero to Infinity Neurochallenge’, hundreds of workshops, camps, Olympiads. In 2015, around 50,000 students participated in different programs arranged by ‘Zero to Infinity’.

We also arrange camps on STEM entrepreneurship development in Bangladesh. We partnered with Berlin based Falling Walls Foundation to facilitate our researchers and entrepreneurs. By this partnership, every year we will send 3 best entrepreneur from Agriculture, Engineering and Medical field to Berlin to present their idea in a world stage.

In 2015 we initiated ‘World Math Week’ (WMW) and ‘World Math Congress’ (WMC). You know in International Mathematics Olympiad, students solve math problems. Now in WMW & WMC students would practice to harness mathematical beauty from nature and apply it to design, engineering and sciences.

This year we’ve lunched a social media aggregating platform for STEM, where you can share scientific posts, thoughts, ask questions, more like Facebook groups. And we are now developing a platform ‘Zero to Infinity Athena’ to foster Science Journalism and reporting.

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